Botanik Laboratuvarı Preparat Seti,
Botanik Hazır Mikroskop Slayt Seti

Cell  &  Tissue
Onion epidermal  w.m.
Pepper fruit epidermis W.m.(shown on a single pit)
Intercellular even cut wire piece (persimmon endosperm)
L.s.onion root tips (shown mitosis)
Onion chromosome  w.m.
Hydrilla verticillata shoot tips L.s.(showing apical meristem)
Clove Bud  l.S.
Corn stalk intervening meristem L.S.
Wheat leaf epidermis under  w.m.
Faba bean leaf epidermis  w.m.
Corn leaf epidermis  w.m.
Daisy leaf epidermis W.m.(shown pores)
Apple leaf epidermis W.m.(shown in Table fur)
Sycamore branches stellate hairs  w.m.
Geranium leaf epidermis under W.m.(shown glandular hairs)
Stellate hairs branching leaf epidermis W.M.
Stellate hairy leaf epidermis
Chrysanthemum leaves under the skin (shown T-wool)
Mint leaf epidermis W.m.(showing glandular scales)
Hosta leaf epidermis  w.m.
Nepeta leaf epidermis
W.m.epidermal stem grasses
Under the cabbage leaf epidermis  w.m.
Annua leaf surface  w.m.
Sweet potato  Section(shown Storage Organization)
Hydrilla stem C.S.-section (shown Aerenchyma)
Myriophyllum stem C.S.-section (shown Aerenchyma)
Water lily leaf C.S. (shown Aerenchyma)
Amaranth stems longitudinal (shown catheter)
Pumpkin stem C.S. (shown catheter tracheid)
Pumpkin stem  l.S.
Pumpkin stem isolated W.m.(shown catheter type)
Sunflower stems  l.S.
Cotton stalk  l.S.
Lint  w.m.
L.s.onion bulbs
Oak xylem W.m.segregation
Castor stem xylem W.m.segregation
Pine segregation W.m.(shown tracheid)
Masson pine xylem W.m.segregation
Segregation bamboo reed  w.m.
Celery petiole C.S. (shown collenchymas)
Dahlia petiole C.S. (shown collenchymas)
Grapefruit petiole C.S.
Grape stems segregation W.m.(shown sclerenchyma)
Mulberry tree bark egregation W.m.
Pear fruit  Section(shown stone cells)
Walnut shell fitted sheet (shown stone cells)
Dandelion root longitudinal section (section shows no milk duct)
There are sections  Section garlic milk tube
Banyan leaf C.S. (shown cystoliths)
Pine stem C.S.-section (shown resin canals)
Orange peel  Section(shown secretory cavities)
Ginger  Section(shown secreting cells and milk tubes)
Monocots stem C.S. (shown closed vascular bundle) (maize)
Dicot stem C.S.-section (shown open vascular bundles) (sunflower)
Chrysanthemum leaf epidermis W.m.(shown furry)
Shi Wei leaf epidermis under W.m.(shown furry)
Iris leaf epidermis under  w.m.
Cotton leaf epidermis under  w.m.
Under privet leaf epidermis  w.m.
Spinach epidermis  Under leaf  w.m.
Wheat seed  l.S.
Corn seed  l.S.
Castor seed  Section
Castor seed  l.S.
 Section tomato seeds
Pine Seeds  l.S.
Dodder seed transverse
Dodder seed  l.S.
Wheat bran  w.m.
Pineapple slices
Chinese tallow tree seeds  l.S.
Chinese tallow tree seeds transverse
Slice tomato pulp cells
Soybean seed  l.S.
Bean seed  l.S.
Bean seeds  l.S.
Longitudinal seed potatoes
Pharbitidis longitudinal (shown radicle)
Evening primrose seed transverse
Amomum seed transverse
Corn apical slit
Corn radicle C.S.
Corn root C.S.
Corn root C.S.-pillar (shown thicker cortex)
Orris root C.S. (shown thicker cortex)
Orris root  l.S.
Apical longitudinal beans (shown mitosis)
Beans radicle C.S.
Beans old root C.S.
Beans lateral T.S.Sec.
Bean root longitudinal (shown lateral root formation)
Beans apical longitudinal (hematoxylin)
Beans apical transverse
Broad bean root nodules
Oak root C.S.
Sunflower radicle C.S.cutting
Sunflower old root C.S.
Sunflower shoot C.S.cutting
Sunflower apical C.S. (native structure)
Plant root C.S. (shown Kjeldahl points)
Cotton apical slit
Cotton radicle C.S.cutting
Cotton old root C.S.
Cotton radicle  l.S.
Cotton old root  l.S.
Tobacco radicle C.S.cutting
Tobacco old root C.S.
Barley apical slit
Wheat radicle C.S.cutting
Wheat roots C.S.cutting
Wheat Root  l.S.
Wheat Root C.S.cutting
Buttercup radicle C.S.cutting
Buttercup radicle C.S. (aquatic)
Buttercup radicle C.S. (xeric)
Onions radicle C.S.cutting
Rice apical slit
Rice radicle C.S.cutting
Rice roots C.S. (shown gas chamber)
Reed roots C.S.cutting
Pumpkin old root C.S.
Pumpkin radicle C.S.cutting
Hibiscus old root C.S.
Sang C.S. radicle (primary structure shows)
Old mulberry root C.S.
Soybean radicle C.S.cutting
Soybean roots C.S.cutting
Soybean root C.S.
Mung bean root C.S.
Pea root C.S.
Apical slit peas
Soybean nodule slice
Slice of peanut nodule
Peanut slice radicle
Orchid mycorrhiza  Section
Pine ectomycorrhizal C.S.cutting
Turnip root C.S.
Carrot root C.S.
Chlorophytum aerial roots C.S.cutting
Climbing ivy root C.S.
Banyan root C.S.-pillar
 Section root parasitic dodder
Garlic root C.S. (within shows thickened cortex)
Grape root C.S.
Tea root C.S.
Dandelion root C.S.
Dandelion root longitudinal section (section shows no milk duct)
Leek root C.S.
Onion apical transverse sec.
Onion root C.S.
Bamboo root C.S.
Locust old root C.S.
Beet root C.S. metamorphosis
Aconitum root C.S.
Castor root C.S.
Celery roots  l.S.
Nard root C.S.
Apple radicle C.S.
Apple's old root C.S.
Peach old root C.S.
Kiwi root C.S.
Pear old root C.S.
Hemerocallis root C.S.
Lotus root C.S.
Eggplant root C.S.
Rhododendron root C.S.
Peony root C.S.
Ying Xia root C.S.
Privet root C.S.
Shepherd's purse root C.S.
Building C.S.-roots
Rapeseed root C.S.
Sophora japonica root C.S.
Lufthansa roots C.S.
Aristolochia root C.S.
Evening primrose root C.S.
Torch roots C.S.
Calla root C.S.
Verbena maple root C.S.
Cephalotaxaceae root C.S.
Jun C.S.cutting up cabbages
Dicots young roots and mature root slices
Cotton horse Guanzhong petioles C.S.
Osmundaceae Guanzhong petioles C.S.
Woodwardia Guanzhong petiole
Rheum roots C.S.
Polygonum multiflorum root C.S.
Clematis C.S.
Aconite root C.S.
(Pregnant) bidentata root C.S.
Cyathula root C.S.
Silver Bupleurum root C.S.
Rhizome C.S. (even taste)
Menispermi rhizomes C.S.
Tonkinensis C.S.
Licorice root C.S.
Rehmannia root C.S.
Red peony root C.S.
Bellflower root C.S.
Figwort root C.S.
Salvia root C.S.
Root C.S. wind
Rhizome C.S.
Anemarrhena roots C.S.
Shegan roots C.S.
Sophora root C.S.
Angelica root C.S.
Burnet root C.S.
Astragalus root C.S.
Ginseng root C.S.
Gentian root C.S.
Skullcap root C.S.
White willow roots C.S. ago
Adenophorae root C.S.
Morinda root C.S.
Herb roots C.S.cutting
Upright one hundred root C.S.
Shichangpu rhizome C.S.cutting
Gastrodia tuber C.S.cutting
Yellow silk turmeric root C.S.cutting
Curcuma rhizome C.S.cutting
Radix roots C.S.cutting
Tuber C.S.cutting
Angelica root C.S.
Codonopsis root C.S.
Rhubarb root C.S.
Fritillaria bulbs root C.S.cutting
Atractylodes rhizome C.S.cutting
Thirty-seven C.S.cutting
Asparagus roots C.S.cutting
North Asarum root C.S.
Bupleurum root C.S.
Pueraria C.S.cutting
Radix C.S.cutting
Plantain herb L.s.roots
Myriophyllum L.s.shoot tips
Myriophyllum stem C.S.-section (shown Aerenchyma)
Hydrilla verticillata shoot tips L.s.(showing apical meristem)
Hydrilla stem C.S.-section (shown Aerenchyma)
Corn shoot tip  l.S.
Corn stalk  l.S.
Corn stalk (internodes) C.S.
Corn stalk intervening meristem  l.S.
Clove Bud  l.S.
Boxwood shoot tips (terminal bud)  l.S.
Sunflower young stem C.S.
Sunflower old stem C.S.
Sunflower newborn stem  l.S.
Sunflower stems  l.S.
Cotton shoot tip  l.S.
Cotton young stem C.S. (primary structure)
Cotton young stem C.S. (secondary structure)
Cotton old stem C.S. (secondary structure)
Cotton stem  l.S.
Beans young stem C.S.
Beans old stem C.S.
Castor young stem C.S. (shown primary structure)
Castor old stem C.S. (shown cambium ring)
Castor stem xylem W.m.segregation
Alfalfa young stem C.S.
Hibiscus young stem C.S.
Hibiscus stem C.S.
Sugarcane stalks (internodes) C.S.
Rice stem (internode) C.S. (show the gas chamber)
Wheat stem C.S.-born
Wheat stem (internode) C.S.
Iris stem C.S.
Dracaena stem C.S.-section (shown abnormal times growth)
Aloe stem C.S.
Tilia young stem C.S. (shown native structure)
Tilia young stem C.S. (shown primary structure)
Basswood annual stem C.S.
Basswood biennial stem C.S.
Tilia stem C.S. three students
Basswood perennial stem C.S.
Basswood segregation  w.m.
Poplar annual stem C.S.
Biennial poplar stem C.S.
Poplar stem C.S. three students
Elderberry stem C.S.
Elderberry Picon  Section
Acacia vascular cambium W.m.(shown storeyed)
Du Zhongwei cambium W.m.(showing non-storeyed)
Potato tuber slices
Fagus stem C.S.
Camphor stem C.S.
Camphor young stem C.S.
Oak bark chips
Oak xylem W.m.segregation
Sycamore stem C.S.
Clove stem C.S.
Willow stem C.S.
Alondra willow stem C.S.
Salix stem C.S.
Weeping young stem C.S.
Old weeping willow stem C.S.
Mulberry stem C.S. (shown primary structure)
Fuso stem C.S.
Mulberry C.S.
Mulberry leather C.S. (shown Picon)
Oleander stem C.S.
Sophora japonica stem C.S.
Ash stem C.S.
Acacia stem C.S.
Acacia stems  l.S.
Locust stem C.S.
Apple buds  l.S.
Peach Bud  l.S.
Cherry Bud  l.S.
Citrus bud  l.S.
Pear L.s.terminal bud
Chinese white poplar bud  l.S.
Poplar L.s.terminal bud
Oak L.s.terminal bud
Geranium stem C.S.
Impatiens stem C.S.
Impatiens stem  l.S.
Impatiens isolated stem  w.m.
Water hyacinth stem C.S.
Water lily stem C.S.
Clematis stem C.S.
Nasturtium stem C.S.
Potamogeton stem C.S.
Loofah young stem C.S.
Gourd stem C.S.
Loofah stems  l.S.
Dentatus stem C.S.
Clover stem C.S.
Tobacco young stem C.S.
Tobacco stem C.S.
Tobacco stems  l.S.
Tea stem C.S.
Humulus stem C.S.
Bidens stem C.S.
Hemerocallis stem C.S.
Coleus stem C.S.
Evening primrose stem C.S.
Roegneria stem C.S.
Prunella stem C.S.
Along the stem C.S.-order
Goldfish stem C.S.
Flat storage stem C.S.
Cactus C.S.cutting
Peanut stem C.S.
Pear stem C.S.
Pear shoot tip  l.S.
Pine segregation W.m.(shown tracheid)
Pine stem C.S.-section (shown resin canals)
Pine stems  l.S.
Boisson stem C.S.
Pine stem C.S.-section (shown in the native structure)
Pine stem C.S.-section (shown in the primary structure)
Annual Pine stem C.S.
Pine stem C.S. biennial
Pine stem C.S. three students
Songjingguanxin  Section
Pine stem the edge  Section
Pine  three parts section
Pine Three  direction cuting slides
Fir stems to cut (shown bordered pits)
Fir stem C.S.
Pine wood stem C.S.
Yew young stem C.S.
Metasequoia stem C.S.
Cephalotaxaceae stem C.S.
Ginkgo stem C.S.
Maple stem C.S.
Bamboo stem C.S.
Bamboo stems C.S.
Zongzhu stem C.S.
Carnation stem C.S.
Monstera stem C.S.
Strychnos young stem C.S.
Pea stem C.S.
Pea stems  l.S.
Soybean stem C.S.
Lentils stem C.S.
Yam stem C.S.
Litchi stem C.S.
Lycopodium stem C.S. (shown in the original column)
Potato stem C.S.
Masson Pine stem C.S.
Stem in longitudinal
Stem in tangential
Masson Pine stem C.S. three years
Cedar stem C.S.
Cedar three stem C.S.
Podocarpus stem C.S.
Armandii stem C.S.
Taiwanensis stem C.S.
Bungeana stem C.S.
Kashiwagi stem C.S.
Arborvitae stem C.S.
Cypress years stem C.S.
Monocots &dicot stem C.S.
Dicots young stems and old stems  Section
Aquatic plant stems (Netherlands stems)
Herbaceous dicot stem C.S. (Azalea)
Celery stem C.S.
Forsythia peel slices
Gourd stem C.S.
Hyacinth stems  l.S.
Peach stem C.S.
Peach (young) stem C.S.
Prunus stem C.S.
Tau stem C.S.
Walnut stem C.S.
Orange stem C.S. (shown crystals)
Cherry stem C.S.
Walnut stem C.S.
Banyan stem C.S.
Paulownia stem C.S.
Pittosporum old stem C.S.
Pittosporum young stem C.S.
Stem C.S.-section of the plane
Toon stem C.S.
Ailanthus stem C.S. (show ring porous wood)
Privet stem C.S.
Privet stems  l.S.
Privet young stem C.S.
Privet bark C.S.cutting
Wisteria stem C.S.
Ivy stem C.S.
Ivy stem C.S.
Cows stem C.S.
Neem stem C.S.
Acer palmatum stem C.S.
Palm stem C.S.
Niao dill stem C.S.
Buttercup stem C.S.
Peony stem C.S.
Rose stem C.S.
Osmanthus stem C.S.
Rhododendron stem C.S.
Poinsettia stem C.S.
Jasmine stem C.S.
Gardenia stem C.S.
Pomegranate stem C.S.
Dragon boat scape C.S.cutting
Scape T.S.leaf
Myrtle stem C.S.
Peak stem C.S.
Honeysuckle stem C.S.
Fairy bulbs  Section
Lotus stem C.S.
Cockscomb stem C.S.
Gomphrena stem C.S.
Bunch of red stem C.S.
Chrysanthemum stem C.S.
Marigold stem C.S.
Dahlia stem C.S.
Scape sun C.S.
Poppy stem C.S.
Gladiolus stem C.S.
Canna stem C.S.
Dahlia stem C.S.
Changchun scape C.S.cutting
Amaranth stem C.S.
Scindapsus stem C.S.
Aristolochia stem C.S.
Kiwi stem C.S.
Violet stem C.S.
Tallow young stem C.S.
Eucommia stem C.S.
Trichobitacin stem C.S.
Hosta stem C.S.
Peony stem C.S.
Anthurium stem C.S.
Chunlan stem C.S.
Milan stem C.S.
Magnolia stem C.S.
Magnolia stem C.S.
Magnolia stem  l.S.
Portuguese stem C.S.
Begonia stem C.S.
Tribulus stem C.S.
Helioscopia stem C.S.
Rose stem C.S.
Loquat stem C.S.
Spring stem C.S.
Acacia stem C.S.
Mei stem C.S.
Pepper stem C.S.
Sorghum stem C.S.
Mulberry stem C.S.
Chestnut stem C.S.
Kochia stem C.S.
Achyranthes stem C.S.
Qumai stem C.S.
Hibiscus stem C.S.
Melon stem C.S.
Woody stem C.S.
Tallow stem C.S.
Calligonum stem C.S.
Ramie stem C.S.
Apple stem C.S.
Apple stem  l.S.
Building the tree stem C.S.
Citrus stem C.S.
Elm stem C.S.
Fei tree stem C.S.
Reeds C.S.cutting
Pittosporum skin C.S.cutting
Mulberry bark C.S.cutting
Apricot stem C.S.
Cabbage stem C.S.
Stenoptera stem C.S.
Euonymus stem C.S.
Poppy stem C.S.
Sweet potato stem C.S.
Strawberry stem C.S.
Grapes young stem C.S.
Grape stem C.S. sections
Fig stem C.S.
Fig stems  l.S.
Cress stem C.S.
Aristolochia stem C.S. (young)
Mirabilis stem C.S.
Ceratophyllum stem C.S.
Liriodendron stem C.S.
Rubber tree stem C.S.
Pachira stem C.S.
Torch tree stem C.S.
Neem bark C.S.
Codiaeum stem C.S.
Mahonia stem C.S.
Japanese cherry stem C.S.
Pteris fern stem C.S. underground
Roots stem C.S.
Rubber tree cambium  w.m.
Straw segregation  w.m.
Segregation W.m.straw stems
Bagasse segregation  w.m.
Mulberry bark segregation  w.m.
Reeds segregation  w.m.
Corn stalks isolated  w.m.
Segregation cotton rod  w.m.
Cotton stalk skin segregation  w.m.
Cotton, bast fibers segregation  w.m.
Sunflower isolate stem  w.m.
Populus tomentosa isolate stem  w.m.
Pine xylem W.m.segregation
Ya even C.S. rhizome
Cloud roots even C.S.
Calendula young stem C.S.
Bamboo underground stem C.S.
Buttercup stem C.S.
Annua stem C.S.
Lilac young stems
Ginger  Section(shown secreting cells and milk tubes)
Monocots stem C.S. (shown closed vascular bundle) (maize)
Dicot stem C.S.-section (shown open vascular bundles) (sunflower)
Amaranth stems longitudinal (shown catheter)
Pumpkin stem C.S. (shown catheter tracheid)
Pumpkin stem  l.S.
Pumpkin stem isolated W.m.(shown catheter type)
Akebia vine stem C.S.
Millettla stem C.S.
Agarwood (Aquilaria) three section
Contact Ishido stem C.S.
Cane C.S. wind
Agastache stem (aboveground) C.S.
Nepeta stem C.S.
Cinnamon (bark) C.S.
Eucommia (bark) leather C.S.
Phellodendron bark C.S.cutting
Cork bark off C.S.cutting
Digupi (root bark) transverse
Cortex Periplocae (root bark) transverse
Magnolia officinalis (dry skin) transverse
Qin skin (bark) C.S.
Mint stem C.S.
Mint stems  l.S. shoot tips
Ephedra stem C.S.
Ephedra stem C.S.
Equisetina stem C.S.
Rugosa stem  l.S.
Motherwort stem C.S.
Money stem C.S.
T.S.leaf Jasminum nudiflorum
Privet leaf C.S.
Cotton leaf C.S.
Bean leaf C.S.
Soybean leaf C.S.
Castor leaf C.S.
Peanut leaf C.S.
Wheat leaf C.S.
Corn leaf C.S.
Pine needles C.S.cutting
Oleander leaf C.S. (shown xeric plant leaves)
Aloe leaf C.S. xeric
Water lily leaf C.S. (shown aquatic leaf)
Nymphaea petiole C.S.
Potamogeton leaves C.S.cutting (shown aquatic leaf)
Siong blue leaf C.S.
Petiole C.S. cloves
Celery petiole  l.S.
Sunflower petiole C.S.
Peach petiole C.S.
Walnut petiole C.S.
Paulownia petiole C.S.
Stenoptera petiole C.S.
Grape petiole C.S.
Linden leaves handle C.S.cutting
Pumpkin petiole C.S.
Canna C.S. petiole
Petiole C.S. begonia
Apple petioles C.S.cutting
Arrowhead petioles C.S.cutting
Petiole C.S. water hyacinth (shown aquatic leaf)
Cotton leaf flat leather pieces
Yang C.S.cutting oak leaves
Oak shade leaves C.S.cutting
Mao bamboo transverse
Stone bamboo transverse
Wen bamboo transverse
Willow petiole abscission layer  Section
Cotton separation slice [cotton  Section(shown abscission)]
Apple leaf C.S.
Peach C.S.cutting
Mulberry C.S.
Rice leaf C.S.
Iron leaves C.S.cutting
Palm leaves C.S.cutting
Ginkgo biloba C.S.cutting
Cycas leaf C.S.
Hai Tong Ye C.S.cutting
Lily leaf C.S.
Rosemary leaf C.S.
Callicarpa leaf C.S.
Shi Wei Ye C.S.cutting
Epimedium leaf C.S.
Quinoa leaf C.S.
Begonia leaf C.S.
Potato leaf C.S.
Ye canna C.S.
Geranium leaf C.S.
Rubber leaves C.S.cutting
Rubber leaves C.S.cutting
Tobacco leaf C.S.
Tea C.S.cutting
Corruption leaves  w.m.
Fig leaf C.S.
Rapeseed margin  Section
Sunflower leaf C.S.
 Section lotus water hyacinth
Pear leaves C.S.cutting
Leaf venation  w.m.
Pod algal leaf C.S.
Maple C.S.
Potamogeton grass C.S.
Rolled into a cylindrical needle shoots C.S.cutting
Walnut leaf C.S.
Tau leaf C.S.
Kiwi leaf C.S.
Pig leaves C.S.
Leek leaf C.S.
Spinach leaf C.S.
Different species of plant leaf C.S.
Kiba T.S.leaf change
Holly leaf C.S.
Paulownia leaf C.S.
Dicot clove leaf C.S.
Lilac leaf C.S.
Hemerocallis leaf C.S.
Epiphyllum T.S.leaf
Schlumbergera T.S.leaf
Sisal Leaf C.S.
C.S.cutting blade roots
Aloe leaf C.S.
Maidenhair fern leaf C.S.
Guanzhong leaf C.S.
Chinese pine leaf C.S.
Podocarpus leaf C.S.
Masson pine leaf C.S.
Cedar leaf C.S.
Armandii leaf C.S.
Taiwanensis leaf C.S.
Bungeana leaf C.S.
Oriental Arborvitae C.S.
Cypress leaf C.S.
Tabori leaf C.S.
Taxodium leaf C.S.
Magnolia leaves C.S.
Plum leaf C.S.
Bloom leaf C.S.
Cherry leaf C.S.
Myrtle leaf C.S.
Acacia leaf C.S.
Zhaohuai leaf C.S.
Kung leaves C.S.
Chestnut leaf C.S.
Pomegranate leaf C.S.
Baipu date leaf C.S.
Persimmon leaf C.S.
Mulberry leaves C.S.
Toon leaf C.S.
Ailanthus leaf C.S.
Acacia leaf C.S.
Ash leaf C.S.
Dry willow C.S.
Willow leaf C.S.
Willow Creek C.S.
Pumila leaf C.S.
Neem leaf C.S.
Sycamore leaf C.S.
Wolfberry leaves C.S.
Ivy leaf C.S.
Peak leaf C.S.
Rhododendron mosaic C.S.
Swallow palm leaf C.S.
Wisteria leaf C.S.
Grape leaves C.S.
Climbing tiger leaf C.S.
The Leaf epidermis under  w.m.
Goldenseal leaf epidermis under  w.m.
Honeysuckle leaf epidermis  w.m.
Chrysanthemum leaf C.S.
Jujube leaf C.S.
Elm leaf C.S.
Leaves C.S.cutting
Cherry leaf C.S.
Osmanthus leaf C.S.
Kidney fern leaf C.S.
Pineapple leaf C.S.
Jasmine leaf C.S.
Hosta leaf C.S.
Bauhinia leaf C.S.
Soybean leaf C.S.
Ramie leaf C.S.
Milan leaf C.S.
Heather leaf C.S.
Camphor leaf C.S.
Basil leaves C.S.
Sorghum leaf C.S.
Agave leaf C.S.
Smelly Indus leaf C.S.
Ceratophyllum leaf C.S.
Ash leaves C.S.
Torch leaves C.S.
Aristolochia leaf C.S.
Purslane leaves C.S.
Pineapple leaf isolated  w.m.
Mountain Tea slice (show-ring pores)
Rape leaves C.S.cutting
Petiole  Section cherry nectar
Dahlia petiole slice
Shepherd's purse leaf epidermis under  w.m.
Spinach leaf C.S.
Iris leaf epidermis under  w.m.
Wheat leaf epidermis under  w.m.
Faba bean leaf epidermis  w.m.
Peanut leaf epidermis W.M.
Corn leaf epidermis  w.m.
Chrysanthemum leaf epidermis W.m.(shown pores)
Apple leaf epidermis W.m.(shown in Table fur)
Sycamore branches stellate hairs  w.m.
Geranium leaf epidermis under W.m.(shown glandular hairs)
Mint leaf epidermis W.m.(showing glandular scales)
Celery petiole C.S. (shown collenchymas)
Dahlia petiole C.S. (shown collenchymas)
Banyan leaf C.S. (shown cystoliths)
Chrysanthemum leaf epidermis W.m.(shown furry)
Shi Wei leaf epidermis under W.m.(shown furry)
Spinach epidermis  Under leaf  w.m.
Senna C.S.
Folium C.S.
Loquat C.S.
T.S.leaf Akebia
Gynostemma leaf C.S.
Honeysuckle leaf C.S.
Eucommia leaf C.S.
Mint leaf C.S.
Andrographis leaf C.S.
Light bamboo transverse
Cabbage buds C.S.cutting
Cabbage buds  l.S.
Lily bud C.S.cutting
Lily anther C.S.cutting (sporogenous period)
Lily anther C.S. (shown tetrad)
Young Lily Anther transverse C.s.
Lily drug maturity  Section
Lily stigma  l.S.
Lily stigma C.S.
Lily ovary C.S. (shown ovule structure)
Lily embryo sac slice (5)
Lily ovary sac mother cell stage C.S.cutting
Lily ovary dyad of  Section
Lily ovary tetrad of  Section
Lily ovary sac immature stages  Section
Lily ovary mature embryo sac of  Section
Young wheat anther C.S.
Wheat anthers mature C.S.
Wheat flower w.m.
Wheat  flower C.S.
Wheat stigma  l.S.
Cotton anther C.S.
Cotton anther  l.s.
Cotton stigma  l.S.
Cotton stigma C.S.
Lily anthers young C.S.
Lily anthers mature C.S.
Shepherd's purse flower  l.S.
Shepherd's purse bud C.S.
Shepherd's purse flower w.m.
Points in the middle of the longitudinal
Shepherd's purse cane slice embryo
Canola flower  l.S.
Canola flower C.S.
Rapeseed stigma  l.S.
Pollens W.m.(showing two cell pollen)
Lily pollen germination  w.m.
Pollen  w.m.
Impatiens pollen  w.m.
Pollen  w.m.
Canola flower powder  w.m.
Wheat pollen  w.m.
Pear pollen  w.m.
Peach pollen  w.m.
Peach pollen germination  w.m.
Corn pollen  w.m.
Sweet corn pollen  w.m.
Peony pollen  w.m.
Cotton pollen  w.m.
Hippeastrum pollen  w.m.
Pine pollen  w.m.
Masson pine pollen  w.m.
Bungeana pollen  w.m.
Different species of plant pollen  w.m.
Pollen germination  w.m.
Small pine cones L.s.(male cones)
Pine cones L.s.(female cones)
Sang ovary  l.S.
Rose  flower l.S.
Mint Flower C.S.cutting
Dandelion flower  l.S.
Pear  flower  l.S.
Peach buds longitudinal sections
Peach  flower l.S.
Grape buds  l.S.
Pagoda Flower  l.S.
Magnolia  flower  l.S.
Sunflower flower  l.S.
Tomato flowers  l.S.
Floral  flower l.S.
Apple Blossom  l.S.
Sweet flower  l.S.
Elderflower  l.S.
Purslane flower  l.S.
Potato flower  l.S.
Cucumber ovary C.S.cutting
Cotton ovary C.S.cutting
Pumpkin ovary C.S.cutting
Rapeseed ovary C.S.cutting
Hemerocallis ovary slices
Poppy ovary C.S.cutting
Poppy ovary  l.S.
Nymphaea ovary  l.S.
Hanako Paulownia room C.S.cutting
Pea  flower l.S.
Daisy C.S.cutting
Lilac Toce piece
Buttercup flower  l.S.
Salix spend  l.S.
Calyx tube C.S. Central cloves
Honeysuckle Corolla surface  w.m.
Honeysuckle stamens overall  w.m.
Wolfberry flowers  l.S.
Nepeta spend C.S.cutting
Wolfberry flowers C.S.cutting
Plantain flower  l.S.
Flos Datura powder W.M.
Lilac C.S.
Lilac L.S.
Embryo   &   Fruit
 Sectionof wheat embryo development (4)
Multicellular original slice wheat germ
Wheat germ  Section pear-shaped former
Wheat germ differentiation  Section
 Section ripe wheat germ
Shepherd's purse slice embryo development (6)
Shepherd's purse two proembryo  Section
Shepherd's Purse four proembryo  Section
Shepherd's purse globular embryo slice
Shepherd's purse heart-shaped embryo slice (immature stage)
Shepherd's purse torpedo embryo slice
Shepherd's purse cane slice embryo
Shepherd's purse mature embryos  Section
Shepherd's purse of the original embryo embryo slice (immature stages)
Capsella embryogenesis of  Section
Shepherd's purse mature embryo slice
 Section tomato berries
Caryopsis  Section
Slice corn caryopsis
Ginkgo young cones  l.S.
Ting Li child C.S.cutting
 Section papaya pulp
Forsythia flesh  Section
Buttercup fruit  l.S.
Peach fruit  l.S.
Diospyros lotus fruit C.S.cutting
Strawberry fruit  l.S.
Pineapple slices
Aristolochia fruit transverse
Apple fruit transverse
Coconut slice stone cells (shown endosperm)
Marijuana fruit C.S.cutting
Mulberry fruit  l.S.
Grape fruit C.S.cutting
Psoralen C.S. fruit
Fennel fruit C.S. points
Pharbitidis C.S.cutting
Sand Spring Seeds transverse
Schisandra C.S.cutting
Hawthorn fruit transverse
Bitter almond seeds transverse
Wolfberry fruit C.S.cutting
Arrowhead embryo  l.S.
Poppy fruit transverse
Acacia seed transverse
Fig fruit  l.S.
Peach C.S.cutting
Cnidium fruit C.S. points
Trichosanthes skin C.S.cutting
Chroococcus  w.m.
Microcystis  w.m.
Oscillatoria  w.m.
Spirulina  w.m.
Nostoc W.m.(hematoxylin)
Anabaena  w.m.
2 Euglenophyta
Euglena  w.m.
Cyclotella  w.m.
Navicula  w.m.
Flat algae  w.m.
Yu Wen W.m.algae (diatoms  w.m.)
Melosira  w.m.
4 Chlorophyta
Chlamydomonas  w.m.
Volvox  w.m.
Scenedesmus  w.m.
Ulothrix  w.m.
Cladophora  w.m.
Real sp  w.m.
Pediastrum  w.m.
Micro-algae W.m.Mans
Grape algae  w.m.
H.reticulatum  w.m.
Desmids  w.m.
Chlorella  w.m.
Spirogyra W.m.(vegetative)
Spirogyra engagement reproductive  w.m.
W.m.sheath algae
Sp W.m.chamber
Bamboo algae  w.m.
Transfer algae  w.m.
Myriophyllum  w.m.
Binary algae  w.m.
5 Charophyta
Chara spur  w.m.
Chara top slitter
If seaweed spores  w.m.
Laver sperm sac  w.m.
Laver C.S.cutting
Kelp strip C.S. (shown sporangia)
Wakame strip  Section
Shuiyun  w.m.
Miscellaneous algae  w.m.
Purple Cruentum  w.m.
Hairnet sporangium bacteria  w.m.
2  Eumycota
Saprolegnia  w.m.
Rhizopus nigricans  w.m.
Yeast  w.m.
Penicillium  w.m.
Sclerotiorum  l.S.
Morel  Section
Aspergillus  w.m.
Parasol mushroom slices
  Mushroom spores  w.m.
 Section white fungus
Ganoderma slices
 Section mushrooms
Corn smut spores  w.m.
Ganoderma cap  l.S.
Ganoderma C.S. cap
Rosie cap  l.S.
Velvet  l.S.
3  Lichens
The same layer lichens
Layer  Section different lichens
Lichen apothecia  Section
Shell-like lichens
Slice leafy lichens (lichens fronds)
Twiggy lichens  Section
Liverworts fronds  Section(in situ money leaves  Section)
Liverworts gemma cup  Section
Liverworts gemma  w.m.
Money is entrusted to the male  l.S.
Estrogen is the money entrusted to  l.S.
Liverworts sporophyte  l.S.
Funaria overall  w.m.
Funaria blade  w.m.
Funaria T.S.leaf
Funaria stem C.S.
Funaria sperm is  l.S.
Funaria archegonial  l.S.
Gourd moss spore capsule  l.S.
Gourd Protonema  w.m.
Hornworts overall  w.m.
Angle moss fronds  Section
Angle C.S. moss spore capsule
Lycopodium spores slit ear lobe
China Selaginella cones  l.S.
Selaginella microsporangium  l.S.
Fern spores leaf sections
Fern prothallium  w.m.
Fern prothallium  Section
Fern prothallium young sporophyte  w.m.
In white stem C.S. (shown in the original column)
Selaginella stem C.S.-section (shown multibody column)
Matsuba fern stem C.S.-section (shown stellate column)
Lycopodium stem C.S.-section (shown in column weave)
Horsetail stem C.S.-section (shown with a section column)
Fern rhizome C.S.cutting
Equisetum stem C.S.
Equisetum stems  l.S.
Equisetum cones  l.S.
Equisetum spores show elater  w.m.
Guanzhong leaf sections
Horsetail cones  l.S.
Salvinia spores fruit slices
Azolla  Section
Staghorn fern leaf C.S.
Selaginella stem C.S.-secti
RootsStemsLeaves of cold-tolerant plant
Light incense root slices
Light incense stem C.S.
Light incense leaf C.S.
Alpine Aster root slices
Alpine Aster stems  Section
Alpine aster leaf sections
Arenaria root slices
Arenaria stems  Section
Arenaria leaf sections
Saussurea root slices
Saussurea stem C.S.
Saussurea leaf C.S.
Limonium roots  Section
Yellow blood stem C.S.
Limonium grass C.S.
RootsStemsLeaves of drought enduring plant
Tetraena root slices
Tetraena stem C.S.
Snap Konoha C.S.
Helianthemum root slices
Half-day C.S.-scape
Half-day C.S. mosaic
Gobi Asparagus root slices
Asparagus stem C.S. Gobi
Gobi aspartame leaf C.S.
Alkali canopy root slices
Alkali canopy stem C.S.
Alkali canopy leaf C.S.
Jin Peng root slices
Jin Peng stem C.S.
Jin Peng Ye C.S.
W.m.salt crystals
Silk  w.m.
W.m.sugar crystals
The letter "e"  w.m.
Wheat starch tablets tablets
Corn starch tablets tablets
Rice starch tablets tablets
Wheat grain nematode
Sweet potato stem nematode
Soybean cyst nematode
Wheat cyst nematode
South root-knot nematode disease
North  root-knot nematode disease
Peanut  root-knot nematode disease