Shaking / Refrigerated / CO2 Controlled Incubators
Medical Ultra Low Temperature Freezers and Refrigerators
Biological Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
Class II Biosafety Cabinets/ PCR Workstations
Laboratory Centrifuges
Ultrasonic homogenizers/ Sonicators
Plant Growth Chambers
Desktop Shakers, Mixers, Heating blocks and others
Laboratory Chemicals
Molecular Biology Products
Elisa Kits
Laboratory Consumables
Microscope Prepared Slides
Euromex Microscopes
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Genbiotek Biosistem Laboratory Ltd. Company was founded in 2008. As Genbiotek Biosistem Ltd. Company, our core areas of activity are the trading with chemicals, equipments, consumables, enzymes and supplies for molecular biology genetics; furthermore equipments, chemicals, sera and consumables for cell and tissue culture. Beside these products our company also provides the laboratory equipment and consumables in a wide range.