Genbiotek Biosistem Laboratory Ltd. Company was founded in 2008. As Genbiotek Biosistem Ltd. Company, our core areas of activity are the trading with chemicals, equipments, consumables, enzymes and supplies for molecular biology genetics; furthermore equipments, chemicals, sera and consumables for cell and tissue culture. Beside these products our company also provides the laboratory equipment and consumables in a wide range.

Genbiotek Biosistem Laboratory Ltd. Company supports scientific research in the field of molecular biology and genetics which is transformed into international projects and publications on diagnosis of genetic disorders and development of therapeutics. The primary aim of our company in the field of molecular biology and genetics is to import high quality materials with high quality services at affordable prices. At the same time, our company intends to bring new technologies to Turkey concerning the fields of Biotechnology, Cell Biology and Genetics.

Our first priority is to provide high quality products for Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Culture and laboratory equipment and to respond to our customers’ needs with excellent after-sale services.

Furthermore, our company with its consistent organizational structure maintain the high quality services by supporting teamwork.

Genbiotek Biosistem Laboratory Ltd. Company working with as a distributor in Turkish market;

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Genbiotek Biosistem Laboratory Ltd. Company have good experience technical service team and supporting after sales and repairing issues for products.