Histoloji ve Embriyoloji Laboratuvarı Preparat Setleri


Simple squamous epithelium sec. 
Pseudostratified columnar ciliated  epithelium sec.
Transitional epithelium(vesica urinaris relaxing)sec.
Transitional epithelium(vesica urinaris dilating)sec.
Simple cuboidal epithelium sec.
Stratified squamous epithelium sec.
Simple columnar ciliated epithelium sec.
Loose connective tissue W.M.
Dense connective tissue sec.
Fat tissue sec.
Hyaline cartilage sec.
Fibrous cartilage sec.
Elastic cartilage sec.
Hard bone  of   Bull T.S.(thionin-picric acid staining) 
Blood of Human smearRE
Blood of Human smear stained with Giemsa
Smooth muscle islolated W.M.
Skeletal muscle islolated W.M.
Cardiac muscle sec.
Cardiac muscle sec.(hematoxylin staining).
 Spinal cord of Bull smear.
Neurcytes islolated W.M.
Spinal cord T.S.(HE)
Myelinated nerve fiber T.S.&L.S.
Motor end plate W.M.(gold chloride.staining).
Tactile corpuscle sec.
Lamellar corpuscle sec.
Cerebrum of Horse sec.
Cerebrum of Rabbit sec.(silver staining)
Cerebellum of Rabbit sec.(HE)
Cerebellum of Horse sec.
Spinal ganglion sec.
Sciatic nerve of Pig T.S.and L.S.
Nerves trunk T.S.and L.S.(silver staining).
Heart of Sheep sec.
Medium-sized artery and vein sec.(HE)
Medium-sized artety and vein and nerves T.S.
Large artery T.S.
Large vein T.S.
Lymphatic vessel W.M.(silver staining).
Purkinje fiber sec.
Lymphoid node sec.
Spleen  sec.
Thymus of Chicken sec.
Palatine tonsil sec.
Thyroid gland sec.
Thyroid gland of Horse sec.
Adrenal gland sec.
Hypophysis of Pig sec.
Parafollicular cells of thyroid gland sec.(silver staining)
Parathyroid gland of Pig sec.
Pituitary sec.
Oesophagus T.S.
Cardiasetion of stomach sec.
Corpus  ventriculi sec.
Jejunum sec.
Pylorus section of stomach sec.
Duodenum sec.
Ileum sec.
Colon sec.
Parotid gland sec.
Submaxillary gland of Sheep sec.
Sublingual gland sec.
Liver of Pig sec.
Liver of Rabbit (blood vessels injected with colored gelatin)sec.
Bile canaliculus of Pig's liver sec.(silver staining)
Gall bladder sec.
Pancreas sec.
Tongue of Human L.S.(show intertal structure)
Larynx sec.
Trachea T.S.
Lung sec.
Lung sec.(blood vessels injected with colored gelatin)
Epiglottic cartilage sagittal section
Kidney sec.
Urinary bladder(relaxed) sec.
Ureter T.S.
Kidney of Human sec.
Testis of Rabbit sec.
Penis sec.
Testis of Goat sec.
Ovary of Rabbit sec.
Ovary of Rat sec.
Corpus luteum sec.
Ampulla of uterin tube of Human T.S.
Uterus of Rabbit sec.
Uterus(proliferative phase) sec.
Uterus(secretory phase) sec.
Mammary gland(active phase) sec.
Testis of Human sec.
Spermatozoon  of Human smear.
Prostate of Human sec.
Glandula vesiculosa  of Human sec.
Eyeball sagittal section (through optic nerve)
Inner ear(Guinea pig)sec.
Skin of Horse(with hair) sec.
Apex of Tongue sec.(Tongue L.S.)
Skin of Human(show sweat gland) sec.
Finger(foot) of Human T.S.
Mast cell W.M.
Paneth cell W.M.